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Marketing 💘s Engineering

Design content in a universe that contextualizes product information and marketing content. Team up with engineering to build compelling new product experiences, ready for headless syndication. Organize marketing content to each channel from one single source of product and content truth.

Semantic PIM & DAM Foundation

Our Semantic PIM & Rich-Media DAM contextualize your product and marketing content. Build compelling new products & contextually anchored experiences, and you’ve reached the heart of product storytelling. Serve it all up warp-speed via Native GraphQL API.

Semantic PIM & DAM Foundation

Beautiful Content Modeling

Structural features like Grids, Shapes, and Topic Maps help you create entire channels from the data found within your PIM. Use one of our tailored boilerplates to bring your ideas to life fast. Front-end freedom meets backend beaut’.

Rich Media DAM

Drag and drop rich media, images, and videos for rapid uploads. Our global CDN network streams hi-def content, and automatically scales & encodes images & video for maxed-out delivery speeds. Output to any content shape, be it a PWA, kiosk, or PDF sell sheets. Everything semantically fetched for superfast turnaround and snappy delivery.


Multiplayer Marketing

Lead in

Crystallize is anti-silo and pro-teamwork, giving engineers and marketers the space to collaborate together in harmony. Prototype new products and content Shapes, craft clever reusable merchandising Grids, and semantically attached them all with Topic Mapping to power just-in-time marketing. All done with developers and marketers in lockstep. 💃🕺

Editorial UI for Creatives

Our editorial UI will be a familiar face. Build your own custom product and content models out of our complete component set, and speed up your collaborative workflow both in wireframing and process mapping. A place to craft engaging and rich content with a marketers sensibility, empowering the storytellers on your team. Give it a try, we swear you’ll love it.

  • Shapes
  • Components
  • Grids
  • Topics

Omnichannel by Design

Launch tailor-made headless eCommerce frontends rapidly with reusable content and merchandising containers. Scale to any channel, on any device, with haste! Create dynamic experiences and promote a common story across each channels and customer touchpoints, and build bespoke data channels to syndicate your products to partners.